It’s no secret that women have to work harder than men in corporate America to succeed. The gender gap in the 21st century in the yearly salary is a staggering ~80%. And despite that fact, women continue to pursue careers in corporate America instead of pursuing entrepreneurship.

Hi! I’m Palak Shah. I’m the founder of Two Kids & a Landlady. It is my passion to inspire women to pursue entrepreneurship as a means to live life on their own terms. And if you read my story, you’ll understand why.

P. C. Carina Romano

After my father passed away when I was very young, my mother – a teacher – dreamed to see me in a steady full-time job. Climbing the corporate ladder was the gold standard. I graduated with a Masters Degree in Engineering, built a 17 year career in Project Management and Business Development and was recognized as an industry expert in my field. When I made it to a managerial position my mother was thrilled, and I was too – for having made her proud. My husband and I decided to have kids in our late 30’s. When I got pregnant, I thought I had it all. And then, when the baby came, everything changed!

My maternity leave was short, childcare was expensive and sub-par and my health was suffering because I had no time for myself. I felt like a lie had been sold to me for decades. I thought that I was doing the right thing by waiting to be in a good financial position, working hard to build a career and then having kids once all stars aligned. What I didn’t realize was that a thriving corporate career involves a lot of sacrifices that I was not willing to make. I wanted more… I wanted to make an impact in the world but to still be able to spend time with my kids - and not kill myself trying to do this. After much internal turmoil, I decided it was time to take control of my destiny! I took a big risk by quitting my job to pursue my passion in Real Estate. But I promised myself one thing - this time, it was going to be on my terms - to achieve financial independence, to become my own boss and grow to reach my fullest potential. 

I now make my own hours. I renovate deteriorated properties in and around Philadelphia. I manage the end to end life cycle starting from sourcing properties, renovation and rentals along with financing and investor relationships. And I do this while spending time with my family. You’ll find me wearing one of my kids in a baby carrier showing properties to potential tenants or scoping out new neighborhoods while they’re taking car-naps! It has been a empowering journey full of challenges, hard work and fulfillment. But the best part was to realize that there is no glass ceiling in entrepreneurship and the sky is the limit!

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